Hey Laura, Ease up. It’s winter. At least wait until spring. I think my mother committed suicide so I have some experience in this. As a Catholic she had probably put it off for years. In Catholicism, suicide is a mortal sin and if you die with a mortal sin on your soul, you will go straight to hell. I really feel she had thought everything out and felt it was the best option.
For me, suicide is not an option and here’s why. God put me on earth. He gave me this body, this mind and this heart and soul. I have a responsibility to use what I have been given in the right way, in a nobel way. I should live the life he gave me. I think I have a right, a god-given right to happiness and that it is my responsibility to seek it. Life’s a bitch sometimes but it’s fun too if I let it be.

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I have controversial views about suicide. I make no apologies for that. Our views of suicide are as culturally determined as food taboos and table manners. Socialization has failed in my case, and not just on this issue.

I believe there is such a thing as a good suicide. Leaving survivors’ feelings aside for a moment, if a person has lived long enough to have accomplished something, is mature enough to know that she may very well feel different at a later time, but still wants to end her long-term suffering from a mental illness by giving her life back, I cannot fault her for that. I do not think it’s weak or shameful. I think it’s entirely understandable.

I have always assumed I would die by my own hand. After a couple failed attempts and hospitalizations in adolescence, I have managed to make it to adulthood, self medicating along…

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